About the Lancashire Heeler

The Lancashire Heeler is quite a handsome little chap.  Sturdy and
muscular, he promotes a strength about him which is surprising for
his size.  At just 10 - 12 inches high and approx. 14lbs, he may be the
smallest of the herding breeds.  His legs are shorter than the length of
his body, but don't let that fool you, he's a swift and nimble little
creature, easily nipping a cows heels with time to escape the swift hind
kick.  But in the case of 'the quicker kicker', our little heeler's strong
jowls and muscular head provide him with a fair bit of protection. Any
cheap ghostwriters for hire that focus on studying animal life are proud
to show the collection of articles that describe heelers' habits in detail.

His course shiny coat lies tightly against his body, protecting him from
elements encountered while herding and hunting in rough terrain, but
this coat is not truly short as longer fur around areas such as his neck
and underbelly may be present.  He either comes in a stylish black or a
sassy liver, both with tan markings, both colors being as rich and full of
life as the heeler itself.   

Bright almond shaped eyes, a happy expression and wagging tail
reveal a personality that makes him an excellent family pet.  Often
joining in family games he makes a wonderful pet for adults and
children alike.  He is playful and friendly, always ready to join in some
excitement, although nap time is never out of the question.  But don't let
your guard down at the next family game night, this smart little fellow
could easily beat us all at pictionary if only he had thumbs.  It's a safe
bet he'd slap a check mate on us and would own the entire monopoly
board if only, once again, he had thumbs.  Seriously, he is known for
being smart and can often outwit his owner.  A keen eye and consistent
training are the key to keeping him well behaved.  

Although very friendly, this little chap does have a touch of terrier in him..
Bonus - he'll kill that mouse in the pantry.  
Not so bonus - he can get a little 'tough guy' attitude.
Not to worry though, establish that you're the boss and keep up with
basic obedience training and you'll have a model citizen...    And he'll
still get the mouse out of the pantry.
Photo's on this page from Hotpot Kennels www.lancashireheeler.net
photographed by Michael Trafford www.traffordphotos.com
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