History of the Heeler

Long ago, drovers once pushed small herds of cattle and
sheep to markets by foot.  Without the modern convenience of
trucks, the drovers needed something to help them along the
journey.  That help came in the many forms of dogs.  Long
legged collie type dogs were used to herd cattle, and bring the
strays back to the bunch.  But another type of dog was needed
to hurry the bunch along, to keep the slower animals walking
but without causing injury to them (which would result in a
reduced sale price).  A small dog that could nip at the heels but
be quick enough to avoid being kicked...

...After the drive, many dogs strayed or were left behind.  In the
town of Ormskirk, from these small dogs, a new type of black
and tan dog appeared.  Butchers used them for bringing single
beasts to the slaughter house. Farmers liked them for general
work, such as herding, ratting and rabbiting.  A new breed was
It's been written that the Heeler is a cross between a
Manchester Terrier and a Welsh Corgi, this would account for
his terrier-like nature and heeling abilities. But being that he is
more of a self made breed than a man made one, there are
great possibilities that there were other breeds added to the mix.

At any rate, the Heeler has remained a picture of his history...
Short and Sweet.
Photo's courtesy of Mongrels Kennel www.mongrelskennel.com
Copyright 2007 The United States Lancashire Heeler Club