This video is of a dog ramp that I built for my small dogs to be able to come in and out of the camper on their own without hurting their backs.

Dog Ramp, Pet Ramp for your bed

Easiwalk Ramp System used for your small breed pet to get on and off your bed. Small breed pets easily get hurt from jumping at such heights. Leg fractures and …

Lucky Dog 6' Telescoping Dog Ramp

Get Yours here: Lightweight and featuring a built-in carrying handle, this telescoping ramp easily portable, designed for on-the-go pet …

ramp for dog

I had to build a ramp for my dachshund she can’t move her back legs. has pinched nerve should recover in about 6 months.

Dog Bed

Made two dog beds, one for my dog and the other for the craft fair in September. Watch Summer Woodworking Show Aug 16 at 8pm EST. To find out the winner …

RAMP4PAWS Large 18 Link Dog Ramp

Prevent injuries and bring your best friend everywhere you travel. This awesome RAMP4PAWS Large 18 Link Dog Ramp will help keep you and your pet from …

Luna dock ramp work

On July 6th we went out to the local dog pool to get some energy out. Go Luna swim!